Drainage Systems

Drainage pipes being installed in a bed of sand for a new water filter system.

Drainage is one of the mostly poorly understood areas in construction. In our area there are substantial issues with underground water from creeks, springs and water channeled from adjacent properties, requiring French drains in addition to surface drains for the downspouts and flat surfaces. Often relegated to gardeners and landscapers with limited knowledge of the principles of proper drainage, poorly designed systems often create more water problems than they solve. When designing drainage to protect foundations, retaining walls, and basement spaces we will carefully examine how water enters these spaces, and then make sure our system is sufficiently deep and properly located to do the job correctly.

We will install a membrane system which helps preserve the life of foundations and retaining walls, an important consideration in our older homes. By installing your drainage right the first time it should last a lifetime and keep the water where it belongs- away from your house!

Contractors State License Board: #1015635